How to Maintain Your Garage Door Tips

If you have taken the time to purchase a quality garage door you will certainly be keen to ensure that it remains in perfect working order. OK, it may have come with a guarantee but you we recommend that you conduct a few simple checks yourself to ensure everything remains hassle free.

1. Test the balance of the door

To conduct this test you will need to close the garage door and then disconnect the carriage from the chain or belt. This can be done by pulling the release handle meaning than the door can now be manually lifted. Secondly, open the door to approximately half way. It should be able to stay in position of its own accord, if it doesn’t, it is unbalanced and you need call your engineer – don’t forget to reconnect the chains or belt.

2. Safety Contact Reversal Test

This is to ensure that the door doesn’t close if an object is in the way. Place a block of wood, say a 2 x 4, in the centre of the door and close. When the door comes into contact with the block of wood it should raise. If it doesn’t, the down force control limit needs adjusting.

3. Photo Eye Sensor Test

All garage doors should not be unable to close if something is in the way. These are likely to be two sensors that look like lights. To test start closing the door then wave something between the sensors. If the door doesn’t stop, clean them with a clean, damp cloth. If this doesn’t work, call your engineer.

4. Check Hardware

Start by inspecting all the hinges and lubricate them if necessary. NEVER TOUCH THE TORSION SPRINGS. Secondly, clean all the track but do not use a lubricant as this may lead to slippage.

5. Check Batteries and Light Bulbs

It is important to check that the backup battery works. To do this simply unplug your door from the mains and try to open as normal. If it doesn’t open, the batteries need changing. It should be obvious if the bulb is working or not, if it isn’t it needs replacing but make sure you only use those recommended by the manufacturer.

6. Clean Your Garage Door

This may sound like a slightly obvious but the outside of the garage door should be cleaned frequently – especially if you live close to the coast. Make sure than you use something soft such as a cloth or sponge as anything abrasive will scratch your door. Rinse with a hose to finish. The inside of the door may also need cleaning periodically. This is best done with something dry such as a brush.

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